viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017

Adjectives that end ‘-ed’ (e.g. ‘annoyed’, ‘terrified’) and adjectives that end ‘-ing’ (e.g. ‘annoying’, ‘terrifying’) are often confused.

-ed adjectives
Adjectives that end ‘-ed’ describe emotions – they tell us how people feel about something.
  • I was very bored in the maths lesson. I almost fell asleep.
  • He was surprised to see Helen. She’d told him she was going to Australia.
-ing adjectives
Adjectives that end ‘-ing’ describe the thing that causes the emotion – a boring lesson makes you feel bored.
  • Have you seen that film? It’s absolutely terrifying.
  • I can’t eat this! It’s disgusting!
Remember that people can be boring but only if they make other people feel bored.
  • My girlfriend is bored. - (My girlfriend feels bored)
  • My girlfriend is boring. - (My girlfriend is a boring person)

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